Friday, October 1, 2010

Improvised Weapons, Part Three: The Saga Continues

First off, thank you all for helping my friend out, he really appreciates it. I know how hard it is to be new to the blogger world, and I think we all want everybody to feel welcome and at ease. Back to the post, clearly improvised weapons won by a longshot. So, as promised, I'll include a few of the heavier explosive. But keeping in touch with the roots of this saga, only those that could be made with materials found in a household or apocalyptic setting. Before attempting anything, check with the local and federal laws. And don't actually do anything you read here. Of course. Etc. So without further ado...

Improvised Weapons, Part 3
The Saboteur's Handbook

 So you've come this far my friends, a week alone in the wastelands. You have a choice of finding safety, food, friends, or high explosives. I needn't tell you which one you choose, you head towards the nearest glassblower factory.

Kicking in the door, you begin to quickly scavenge the place as quietly as you can. Not wishing to attract unwanted attention when your so very alone, hungry, homeless but otherwise well equipped. There she blows... Anhydrous Hydrazine. You see, you blow glass as a hobby, and you used it to remove dimness from the glass. It also happens to be used in the most powerful explosive next to nukes, they say. And by a far shot, I might add. Blows dynamite out of the water. A little product called Astrolite G. Hence why its such a very hard chemical to get ahold of. Sneaking out the backdoor, you find a garden shed about a block down. Snagging a couple bottles of miracle grow for it's ammonium nitrate. Closing the shed door, you lay the containers onto a work table. Which just so happens to have a flat scale. And another container to pour all this into. What an wonderful shed you've stumbled into! You measure and mix 2 parts ammonium nitrate and 1 part hydrazine. You do this slowly, band in a much bigger container, because it bubbles and vapors so much. You dont want it to spill over. You do the mixing part outside, and stand upwind, on account of the poisonous ammonia fumes. While you slowly stir the mixture for another five minutes after its poured in, you fish an electronic or mechanical detonator cap out of the shack's wonderous tool box of oddly convenient items.

What you have is Astrolite-G, and can is a liquid explosive only bested by nukes in blast strength. Twice as powerful as dynamite. Incredibly safe to handle and make, just avoid flames at all costs. And here's the crazy part, you can pour and soak it INTO the ground, and it will remiain able to detonate up to 4 days with the cap. Spectacular stuff. Add 20% of the Ammonia Nitrate's weight in aluminum powder, and you've got Astrolite-A. The strongest in the family, and can be detonated with a compound detonator. A straight detonator can be sued if it is number 8 in strength, but the detonation wont be as large.


Check out a plumbing and heating supply store, or a department store with that department. You know, whilst you cruise the wasteland. While your there, why not pick up some SolidOx? It comes in boxes of 6-10 gray sticks, and its solid oxygen. It's most active ingredient is potassium chlorate. Now, if your in california this wont be tough, but you need to find a herb shop and get a mortal and pestle. The poor mans tool to building bigger booms.  Grind up a stick slowly, and thoroughly. AVOIDING FLAMES, FRICTION, OR HEAT. Seriously, grind it up and keep your hands in some thick loose gloves for easy removal. Just in case, but itll be alright if your just careful. Very very careful, hence why you wait for a survival situation. Now, weight that powder and mix in its own weight in pure sugar, or pure glucose if you can find it. You now made a solidox explosive, and can be poured into whatever form you want.

Fertilizer Bomb

This is getting fun, right? If you haven't blown your hand off yet, at least.  The next one is just as easy as the above. Get some chemical fertilizer from your magic shed, and some diesel fuel. Scavenge up some cotton balls, and a newspaper. You put the fertilizer on the newspaper, make it into a pouch like shape, and put the cotton balls on top of the fertilizer. Orcho or Green Thumb work well. Then pour diesel over the cotton balls. Get a long, long fuse, and light it. And now run despite how long the fuse is, its going to have a 500 square foot radius of carnal, hellfire destruction. I kid you not, run like hell. And please, dont do any of this.


Thermite slices on 9/11's support pillars
it goes through anything
I had to dig into my old books for this one, but its called a DC converter, and its on model trains sets. Seperate the wires and strip them down. This shed is looking more and more like an alchemist's guild by the moment. Next, add salt to a jar of water. One or two tablespoons should do the trick. Insert the wires into your newly conductive water, and wait a few minutes to see which one bubbles alot. Thats your positive, tie a nail to that and pop it in the jar, then dip the negative end in. IF the nail is on the negative, youll make rust acid instead. Which is good, but not for this. You need iron oxide, aka rust. Come back in the morning to scrape off your rust harvest, letting it soak in the jar at the bottom. When you have a large quantity, pour out the water and let it dry in the sun for a day. Grind that up in your mortar and pestle until its a fine dust, the kind of dust you wouldn't take out on a friday night to make a few life long regrets. Well... If you were to, for some reason, mix an 8:3 grams ratio of rust to aluminum shavings. They can be filed off of aluminum by hand, or found in stores.

Now all you have to do is light it... Thats the tricky part. Thermite will be a great companion otherwise. The stuff will melt through carbon steel, and straight through an engine block or heavy lock... Hell, it'll melt through all of the above, and the concrete beneath it. You'll need a magnesium strip to get a flame hot enough to ignite this super-product. Just stick a strip in, light, and stand far back.

After Thoughts
That should do you, mates. Just a few final thoughts on the subject, while you have me glued to this tiny netbook, shelling out daily tools to my loyal friends and comrades. I cannot stress enough, that this is not to be taken lightly. Explosives are dangerous as hell, and I'd suggest reading up on every step with the power of google. It's your hand/arm/left side of your body on the line, not mine. And more importantly, you really shouldnt do this unless it is necessary for survival, im pretty sure there are laws against making heavy explosive in your home.

Thank you everybody for the amazing support these past 2 weeks. I've been busy as you all know, getting my website up for a project me and some friends have been working on for the past bit. And then the whole RL bit... just hectic. But I try hard to update daily for you my friends, and your indepth comments mean so much. I read every word you post in my own way of saying thanks, and tell you just how your post affected me. You guys have been amazing, and this is only the beginning for me, mates. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, despite the slight lack of my typical humor and stream of consciousness writing. I felt clearer steps were important in this tutorial ;) If you are following my side project website, then you might like to know I got the .com and am working on a new and sleeker layout. :) Hope to see you all soon, and hear from your minds.

Join us next time, for making Sniper Rifles, Cannons, Scopes, and other PVC Masterpieces.


  1. I appreciate you visiting my blog and providing input on my most recent post.

  2. Ugh, I'm just about to get all wrapped up in another one of your awesome posts and my friend shows up. I have to be a good host, but at least know I'd much rather finish reading this while he stands at the door.

    I'll be back.

  3. How very informative, Fuu...

    Haha, veggie, I'm glad I still have this effect on you ;) Just got done all the blogruns for tonight, so far at least. I didnt get to split them up through the day as I usually do. That took longert than I thought...


  4. you know I thought the same exact thing a week ago

  5. Very well written and informative post Janus.

    Again, your writing is fluid and easy to read, and your advice at the end is befitting considering the nature of the subject.

    Although i'm not one inclined to experiment with explosives, I really like the way you outlined and described these methods, with an artistic flair that I haven't seen in most bloggers.

    Thanks for all your great comments on my blogs, i'll be getting a domain soon, learning a bit about web creation, hope you check it out when I get it underway!

  6. I love the wealth of knowledge you have on such interesting and useful subjects. I might just save all the info you put out to my hard drive - for academic purposes, of course ;P

    I love your blog, comrade. Keep up the good work, and thanks for being such a sweetie in general XD

  7. I feel really fortunate to live in a place that has a lot of very open fields in the middle of nowhere! It allows me to do things that I would not otherwise be able to do, not saying that this comment is related to your post or explosives or anything...I'm just saying it's convenient...very convenient!

  8. Oh god, idk if I want this information readily available to people online. Then again a lot of libraries or other sites contain the same kinds of info so damned either way.

    Glad to hear youre getting support.

  9. dammmmmmmmmn this is like the anarchists cookbook man. nice post, i read it all.

  10. Big Daddy Kane, you are a danger and a menace. I love you and hope you write this blog for eternity. Great post sir.

  11. Ok so I came back like I said I would. I'm glad I did. I'm truly impressed by your posts. The only thing I knew about (and by "knew" I mean I knew the name) was the fertilizer bomb. The others were completely new to me. Good, good, good, good stuff. I don't have to say this, I know, but keep it up!

  12. Bombs and boobies. Can life get better?

  13. forget these explosives - sniper rifles and CANNONS? Yes please!

  14. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  15. Oh wow, I thought you needed the aluminum to be in a powder form.

    So if I just had strips of aluminum broken up into pieces and then mixed in with the rust that would work?

  16. Damn, this shit sounds dangerous. Be careful, bro.

  17. Not that you would ever use this information, david, but yes... Thin aluminum shavings :p A powder will work as well I suppose, but I prefer the broader surface area of thin shavings. You know, for when it's not used.

  18. Haha wow. That was all really neat and I enjoyed it, but it makes me nervous knowing how easy it would be for someone to really do some damage if they had their head on straight... or maybe if their head wasn't on straight they could do even more damage.

    Either way, it was a nice read, and really good info.

  19. A very, very interesting read... *prints hardcopy*

    A few compounds that I honestly hadn't heard of, and not a detailed-enough explanation to end up on anyone's watch list. You've outdone yourself again, Kane. :)


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