Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Longest Weekend

Dear Daddy Kane,

    We are writing you with sincere worry and hope in our hearts, for we have not seen an update in three days. Please respond at your nearest convenience.

That's an excerpt of an email I received, one of dozens demanding my return. Unable to refuse that kind of statement, despite dozens of those emails never having been received, or any for that matter, I return to once again hand out the papers in the wasteland that is our future. But why, you ask? Well my friends, Janus works as a security guard. Which generally affords him loads of time to fuck about on his handy dandy netbook. But there was a promotion involved, and suddenly he had responsibilities. Hiring people, subsequently firing people from poor resume selection... The chore list goes on. But rest assure yon buckos, your old mate Janus Kane is back. Everyday I'd check your blogs, even if I couldn't comment, and it seemed like forever went by -not- posting. You've all taken breaks, was it strangely nerve wracking not posting for you too?

I think I'm addicted to blogging. Just typing this, I can already feel the knot in my back going away, and that reassuring, soothing voice narration of my more cinematic moments has returned from his sudden absence. Janus admitted with some relief.

In other news, get a shotgun shell, a plastic tube/pvc that fits gently around the shell and another longer one that fits around that, and a nail/screw. Insert shell, dig tube hole in the ground, screw the screw through the long pvc's cap, and insert cap first into hole. The simple and shell/tube combo ontop. Instant landmine. Use the old saltine trick for that extra 'shot' at keeping your fingers. (hehe...) Oh, and Potassium Chloride is widely available and very deadly in doses over 20cc. Just an afterthought.

If you could, help me to get back into the swing of things by voting on my poll. Your ever loving comrade,

For those of you wondering, I've also been extremely busy with a website I've been working on. Tell your friends. :)


  1. I too have felt the tingle of blogging (and blotting.) It is good to know that you have not vacated the blogosphere. Know this: I sent no encouraging email. I sent no kind words. I simply expected you to update soon.

    In your last post, we divulged a little to make us a little less anonymous, and I said I didn't think we had TOO much in common, but after this post, I can now say that we both worked in security and got advanced to a stage where hiring and firing were tantamount.

    I'd love to tell you how I voted, to somehow sway the answer, possibly plant the seed in other peoples mind. Instead I will work actively against votes that do not coincide with my ambitions, and hope that my efforts bear fruit.

    Nah, just kidding. Glad you are not gone.

  2. Ergh. Black on Dark Grey does not work well for contrast of people's responses!

  3. Haha just voted, also ^ agree with the contrast comment by Rorschach above.

    Congratulations on your promotion, also I understand what you mean about "blogging addiction," I felt that way when I started, but lately i've been cutting back quite a bit.

    Looking forward to reading your posts, honestly it doesn't really matter to me what you write, just as long as you keep the quality as good as it has been.

  4. I have the background as the image, with the redhead and the cigarettes. But its showing up as gray... I shall continue research on the matter. I'm doing my blogruns now ;) so give me a bit. Forums need some tending after that. Glad to be abck mates, and I'm glad you didn't doubt me ;)

    A leader of equals

  5. I find myself writing down things to blog about at work and scribbling down rough drafts of posts. It's become something I find relaxing and really enjoy doing. Hope to get another post from you soon full of post-apocalyptic knowledge!


  6. Love your new background, comrade. I've been gone myself the past few days so I only missed you in the sense that I wasn't there, so uh...don't feel bad, lol

    If I stopped blogging for too long, I'd never start again. That's basically my motivation to continue.

  7. Good to see you back. I knew you weren't gone forever, I could feel it. After your last post I thought you were probably tired! I know I would be.

    I laughed at the transition into the informative part of this post. "In other news, get a shotgun shell......"

  8. I disappear for a week and what do I miss? A ton of posts.

    I'll make sure to read them all this weekend when University stops making me its bitch.


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