Friday, October 22, 2010

Becoming a Hero

A personal inspiration of mine brought up something which got my brain whirring once more. As we all do, my friend is going through a bit of a rough time in his life, as far as mental stability goes in this dog-eat-what-his-servants-make-for-him world. His words are words we all speak, and I'm glad that they were spoken. They speak of the same frustrations we all deal with, never achieving what we're told we should. And never being what we're told we should be. Every hero you grew up watching on tv, the always charismatic always ready stalwart guardian of justice and honor and all that other jazz we don't really understand until much later. The sense of purpose we're supposed to get from holding a steady job, and getting a steady paycheck. In my friends sarcastic words, "I just want to make you happy, please don't be mad at me, I'll stay in my home and do what you tell me, keep me safe please." Now, as dramatic as that sounds, it speaks through the generations and far into the future, I'm afraid. It's the same mentality that has kept our loved ones in fear of some invisible friend/enemy their parents taught them about. Much like their invisible leaders, and decision makers, and law makers, the faceless, blameless cookie-cutter corporation that we let buy and sell our lives, that we trust every aspect of our lives to.  These people have manicured pasts, carefully brought up and raised to be able to make a connection with the general population, while still keeping an air of superiority. With a past so untroubled and unexciting it's inhuman. With a wife attractive, yet plain enough to be accessible to the general public. With children, to appeal to the family census. Our leaders will have a strong background in rhetoric, public speaking, law, and other forms of manipulation. And their opponents always shown in black and white, unflattering poses, with a dread-filled music brewing in the background. Here are a few quotes I've taken out of context about my opponent. Here's me kissing a baby, and shaking a hand. I'm just like you, I was born to act just like you.

But I digress. These people we call leaders are human, and more importantly, they are self absorbed, egotistical to the point of being monstrous, and deathly afraid of public judgement. The people we call our Leaders are just like you in me, just born into a different family.

If you'll allow me, I wish to share a short story of my life with you. I always looked up to the guardians in books and tv, the renegade hero or the roguish charmer with a quick epee and faster wit. These mammoths of personality and reputation. I wanted to be the person that people hear my name, and know that they can trust me with their lives. This is the birth of a monster, my friends. It is where every hero stems, and every monster feeds. I can honestly say, all of my life, I've wanted to save people for selfish purposes. Having done the racket for a while, this evolved into a more stable rule from years of trial and grievous error. Fight for those that cannot, inspire those that can, and secure the freedom of choice to the working force. Worker's of the World, Unite! But in all those years of fighting, struggling with my own identity and sense of worth, going through depression and monotony, often stumbling into hero moments. And after years, I still felt nothing like the heroes on tv. I still had to enforce my image as a soldier to get people to back down from a fight, still had to prove I could lead when a group needed a leader. My experience made me skilled, but it wouldn't make me a great man in other people's eyes. Now, I won't go into why we should be concerned about other peoples images, or the seeming contradiction between being a public speaker who doesn't care about people's opinions... You lie to yourself the more you lie to people, simply put. Choose your own path.

I didn't feel like the hero, and I still don't. I don't feel like a sniper, and I don't feel like a martial artist, or a traceur, or anything else I set my mind to become throughout my 2 and a half decades. And I hate to tell you mates, but the only way your going to feel like that, is when other people start calling you that. Until then, all we can do is motivate ourselves, make a difference with every day. Make a coil gun, learn to wall run, pick a lock, or talk to a mirror and practice that grin. But please, improve yourself. Better the person you are, and you will become a better person. When I tell you that there is no difference between you and the 8 figure salary fatcat we all love to hate, I mean it. None of us are any different, but we are ALL unpredictable. We can do whatever the fuck we want, including posting How-To manuals for making improvised machines of death.

But Daddy Kane, how do I go into that world of heavy hitters and serious people? Look, mates, I can write you article after article, and I am more than willing to, about how to conquer this fear and that. But when it comes down to it, you cant fucking fail if you just keep learning. Go out and get a public speaking book, talk to a mirror. That alone just multiplied your average earning in this life. Get a smile, get a suit, learn from your enemies. The Master's Mansion can only be brought down by using the Master's Tools. And they've got an extensive mansion so far. Make yourself into a hero, and then act like that hero. Don't waste your day, mates... It's not about it might being your last. It's about every day being the only day you get a chance at. Your never going back, and forward holds only death. Past that, Daddy Kane can't help you... But until then, you have brothers to support you, and friends to lead. You have a valuable, one of a kind tool of modern warfare raging inside of that skull, mates. Prime it with knowledge, and hone it with repetition.

I have so much more I'd like to say on this topic, so many more words of reassurance... But I also know how the brain works, and your going to have to learn on your own pace. A teacher isn't a teacher if he can't teach to his students, after all. Just... Know your not alone mates. If you want specific advice, ask away. If you made it this far, I'm glad I kept you entertained.

Keep posted for my next update, including coil weapons and MAYBE the PVC Sniper Rifle, depending on the level of interest. The frame is the complicated part, so it'll take a bit to explain. However it's operation is easy to build and use. I love all of you, brothers. Fight the good fight, brothers.

If you take one thing from this, nobody can stop you from achieving what you want. The Columbine Boys died for their cause, even if their message was censored by the media. For the record, uncensored transcripts of the two soldiers last video can be found here.

While I cannot condone violence, because it is illegal, usually unwanted, and generally uncalled for; and would NEVER condone murder under any circumstances, it's chilling to hear a revolutionaries last words, knowing he's about to die. Very moving... And a nice wake-up call as to how much the media strips from you in the search for popular, money making world events.

Fight the Power, mates.


I've edited the closing words a bit after re-reading them, and hearing some comments from my friends. Rorsharch , BlueRAD and Angry Veg amongst them. I felt it came off too much pushing for a violent uprising, rather than directing the reader to the blurry line we all place when a 'government' has a cause, and when two boys have a cause. I speak so often in irony and sarcasm, I forget I have at least a slight obligation not to direct my readers (few as they are) towards any actions I would feel vilified for having spurred. As we all know, I am a lover of peace and understanding, weapons and war should only ever be a reaction to weapons and war. My intent here is to center on what the media didn't, as it did a damn fine job of shedding light on the tragedy and terrible outcome for the families of the victims as it is.

I've also changed the image of the two soldiers in question, as their post-mortem picture in the library also unsettled the intent, and would might be a bit disrespectful. (though I'm sure they'd love the coverage, in all honesty.)


  1. Hey Kane, it's been a few days since i've read your blog, but i'm glad to have stumbled upon this post before heading to sleep.

    Your right in saying that everyone around us are more or less equal. We have one life, and the only thing that separates us are the social and cultural barriers that continues to create a growing rift between all of mankind.

    I know for a fact that I am going to be successful, and try my best to be wealthy and give back to the community. The only thing that is stopping me is death, and my own weaknesses, which I hope to remedy by joining forces with allies that magnify my strengths while carrying and aiding my weaknesses.

    What is important is that we draw inspiration from everyday life, treat each other like brothers, and demand justice when we see unfairness in the world around us. Although things are highly complex and jobs are becoming more and more specialized, we have to remember the simple root pleasures and needs that we derive our strength from.

    It sounds like you haven't had the easiest lives out of any of us, but we all have our trials and tribulations to overcome, keep your head up and give it your best shot.

    "Expect to reap what you sow, seeds are planted in our thoughts, words, actions, and mistakes, and remember, out of the earth grows many different entities, some essential and wonderful, and some that are poisonous and intoxicating."


  2. Goddamn mood killer. Sorry. It's not like I am up in an ivory tower or anything, I just happened to not be thinking about anything too deep.

    I'm not too sure if I agree with your closing words. It seems you might of bastardized the phrase "Live each day as if it were your last," and somehow made it seem sinister, which I am 99% sure was not your intent.

  3. Sinister is in the eyes of the Majority, my friend. Glad I could set your mind spinning, Rorsch brother.

    Oh BlueRad, thank you mate. Life isn't hard, but goddam it does get tiring sometime, you know? This whole 'talking' thing is new to me, but it feels pretty good to talk about myself for once. Glad it's welcomed, I enjoy learning about you all, mates


    (Have you noticed more and more people are signing their comments? :P)

  4. Signing? I hadn't noticed.

    - R.Redemption

  5. That was interesting to finally see so motive behind the Columbine shooting. The media kept playing it as "Two boys influenced by video games" and I knew that couldn't be the case.

    And now I know the truth. Thank you.

  6. I edited the above post, after giving it a thorough viewing. I did sound a bit vicious at the end there :p Ah well, nobody said I was a great journalist. I feel it retains it's original intent, more clearly stated.



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