Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fortress Files Part 2

Due to a special request from my loyal readers, I am going to write a shorter, but more refined guide to living in the more urban areas. Anybody looking for remote location survival will have to vote and wait ;) So without further ado, the next chapter in the Wasteland Chronicles..

The Fortress Files Part 2
Subways and Highrises, a Real Estate Guide

So you got caught in an apocalypse while living in a metropolis or city... Chances are times are about to get rough. If the attack is nuclear, you are already in danger of a blast zone. Preparation is key with a nuclear strike, and the first 2 seconds will mean the difference between life and death... You can survive close to an explosion with a thick wall, a thick jacket, and quick reactions. Drop down and hit the ground the MOMENT you see a dazzling bright flash of white light. Thats a nuke, without fail. Drop as flat as possible. DO NOT run to a far away coverage if its more than a step or two away. You should just dive into the best position possible. Tuck your head down and cover your ears and head with your arms and hands and jacket as much as possible. Face AWAY from the blast if there is no cover, or face the cover if its between you and the blast. If you are indoors, aim for a desk to hide under in fetal position, or the nearest wall.. I would highly suggest taking just 1 hour out of your day, and practicing dropping fast as fuck. I say this, because it will imbed it into your muscle memory, and cut reaction time down considerably. A moments hesitation is that much more skin missing, if your even that lucky. Now you have anywhere from a few seconds, to a minute to find better cover. DASH YOUR ASS OFF. If your able to move, then take that as a sign that you still have a chance. That was the shockwave and heatflash, whats up next is the blast itself. If your near a subway, a bank, or any beastly building or shelter... Get inside and hug that wall on the floor. You must act quick, and dont second guess yourself when you get your spot. The blast could come at any minute.

If you've survived this far, and you don't have an NBC suit (Nuclear Biological Chemical), I'd suggest finding a military base fast, or running to an army navy store. Lightweight radiation proof material, as strong as a lead vest, is called Demron. Otherwise find an NBC/MOP suit, itll be like a thick plasticy suit with ties on the wrists ankles and neck. A mask will increase your chances tenfold, I'd suggest getting one and keeping a canister nearby. If there is no nuke, you still have a badass smoking device. Eitherway, your dealing with nuclear fallout now. Dirty rain. Check out the map above for likely hit zones in the US, and air patterns for fallout. Keep your water sources to bottled sources, or purify the shit out of the water you find. Potassium Iodide pills will flush radiation from your water. Your new enemy is radiation.

If you havent been hit by a nuke, the city is still a very dangerorus yet rewarding zone to be stuck in. Assuming your city wasnt hit, your likely safe to ward yourself off. 60 miles is a solid estimate on how far you should be from a major nuke strike to stay still. Just keep your rads counted, Geiger Counters run for about 50 bucks, or free if the shopkeeper is dead or missing. Otherwise, if its a zombie infestation, space apocalypse, russians or whatever invading... You now have to prepare your new life in post apocalyptia. If it is a zombie blight, for some reason, DO NOT under ANY circumstances listen to the radio. Any congregation they tell the masses to go to will likely be exterminated. Either by infection, or by the military/government to control the situation. Look, just be smart, and don't trust people that make a profit off of you. I'm your conscience in the wasteland, I'm all you need.


Scouting for Boys
You survived the initial destruction wave, zombie or otherwise, and now you need a home. The first thing you should look at is population. The subways would be an excellent place to start your own commune. Piping, wiring, hell, train motors are all excellent booster packs for your home. Rats are plentiful, and hydroponic systems aren't that far fetched. The tight tunnels are also easy to defend. Or, alternatively, if the population is great, and subways seem like an open invitation to attack while your setting up. You could always go up, and use man's phallic towers as your bastion. Stairways are an excellent way to limit and slow down traffic, while elevator shafts can be kept for later use, or scuttled to be used as an escape point downwards, or a lift point for big machines. The pulley is already up top, nice and easy. Blockade those stairs, throw aluminum empty cans in between the desks and whatnot you use. This will serve as an early warning device, should the barricade be shifted. Lock those stairways down, and get a doorway going for control of traffic. If you can get a bank door, your already set. Though most apartments in the city will have heavy iron gate doors, those are golden as well. I wouldn't suggest ground level at all, its too easily accessible and easy to spot. Another thing to think about, if your in a tall building, the roof is your home as well. Gardens, solar panels, the works.


This may seem self explanatory, but you need to start thinking ahead in terms of supplies. Get a knife, this will save your life countless times. Close combat, freeing yourself from bonds or a tight situation, cliffhanging, basic handyman work... The knife will be your constant companion. If you weren't hit by the emp blast of a nuke, you might still have a working computer or ipod. You should have downloaded the Wikipedia page already. Its 2 gb, and the best space youll use. Next time you want to build a generator, don't cry to me because you didnt think ahead. Alternatively, books are great. When your ready to scavange for salvage and resources (gadget parts and living supplies), keep the following list in mind.

1-2 weeks of food, plan ahead in case of emergencies.
2-4 weeks of water. More important than food.
Purifiers. Brita filters are great. Army Navy or camping stores have more heavy duty purifiers.
Non Prescription Medication. Anti-Biotics especially, motrin, iv bags, whatever you can get your hands on
Rope, nuff said
Batteries, load up on them, keep them dry
Gasoline, stored properly
Flashlights, Lanterns, the like.
Alcohol, for cooking as well as rubbing alcohol for wounds.
Hydrogen peroxide is a must
Bandages and bandaids, non-stick and gauze and otherwise. Be a walking medic, its the wasteland.
Boots, you'll need a couple good pairs for sure.
Ammo, enough to kill 20 men, no questions asked. More is always a bonus. If your not easy to kill, your not a likely target.
Soap, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. Its like a slumber party, where all your friends are dead.
Extra socks... a couple dozen. Keep them dry, and keep them clean. Change them twice daily if possible. I cannot stress airing out your feet in boots, trust me when I say boot-rot is a terrible thing.

So the rest can be classified as gear. Backpack, clothing, etc... But the above will give you a good idea of what mentality to get into. You can't share anymore, unless you feel there's no other way. Anybody you meet should be willing to trade something, or become one of your clan. Giving out resources needlessly will kill you, and thus kill the benefactor. Its a terrible thought, but it needn't be heartless. Help out the sick and wounded, but dont fall into begging. Especially in the city, there are master beggars there. Especially lobbyists.

Project Aegis

Now I bet your wondering about protecting what you've claimed, huh? Well don't you worry, through a mix of deterrents, fortifications, and traps, your going to be safe as a bug. Bugs have to sleep however, which is why I stress teamwork. There is no lone soldier for long. Let's start off simple, razorwire up any crawlspaces. You can make razorwire with straightrazors, a soldering iron, and thick wire. Hell, soldering nails onto the ventduct floors will do the trick too. Hang some cans to make noise, but whatever you do... Protect your blindspots. Its the first thing they teach you in the army, and its an important lesson. IF you can rig explosives, so be it. Here's a nifty landmine trick you can make from a pushbutton switch, a 9v battery, a model rocket solar igniter, and an explosive of your choice.

Take the wires from the push button and connect one to the 9v battery, the other to the igniter. Now take some thin stereo wire or otherwise thin wire to connect the igniter to the other end of the 9v. You have your landmine trigger already made. Put this inside of a paintcan or whatever, taping them along the sides of the inside. Put the pushbutton up through a hole in the top of the can or whatever, gluing it into place. Now all you have to do is bury your igniter into the explosive. Below are a few quick ideas for explosive contents.

Line the bottom with SolidOx, a small amount of astrolite, or even a fertilizer bomb. Then fill the can with nails! Alternatively, fill it with napalm, or straight gasoline in a pouch. Any debris will do the trick as well. Or, fill the whole can up with astrolite and keep it away from your home :p

To make napalm, you simply need gasoline which you pour into a large bowl, and add in those melty styrofoam pellets. Mix it in slowly, without touching it or breathing it! It'll last for a long time after its mixed, and should be syrupy. Thats it.  For better napalm, reach out to my main man The Jolly Roger. http://www.skepticfiles.org/new/078doc.htm

Explosives are fun to experiment with if your safe about it. A lining of solidox on the bottom of a thick metal can makes a great claymore if you top it with BBs, shot, glass, or nails. Trip wires for that can be fashioned with a solar igniter once more. Just have it trip a lever that hits the button... Experiment, your a wastelander now!

But Daddy Kane, what about walls? Oh, right, I forgot you wanted to sleep tonight. If you need your walls reinforced, drywall is hollow and can be filled readily with cement. Most walls in fact are hollow in buildings. As well, piling up sandbags is a GREAT way to buffet outside force for doors or weak walls. Sandbagging is a long, but rewarding art. Teamwork is key. For additional security, rebar buried in the cement as you go, crosssectioned for strength. Windows are a great escape point, but also great for climbing up to the next floor which could be completely shut off from traffic. A rope access saferoom, impossible to follow without being completely vulnerable to your attacks. With a floor that can be plated, sandbagged, and peepholed for easy access to intruders with your various poisons, explosives, and longarms.

Safety in Numbers

Just a quick reminder, community will keep you going. Mutual respect and understanding on one's situation will help you get along with the good natured folk left in this new world. Build something worthwhile, and band together. Just a bit of personal advice from your old friend Janus Kane. I've been travelling the lands for most of my life, and I've made it a point to learn something wherever I go. Micro Expressions WILL save you when dealing with people. We all make these tiny expressions called Micro Expressions, right before we show our intended emotions. And they are exactly the same in EVERY human, minusing stroke victims and the faceless. They reveal how we really feel when we say something or react to something. The vast majority of the time, people lie about their feelings. We may not mean to, or it may be 'harmless', but its important to know when people are feeding you bullshit. Please, my friends, learn a basic science of interacting with other people. Your blind until you do.


That should do you, mates. It may not be a fallout shelter, but I'm willing to bet you can make it better with some elbow grease and motivation. I've got faith in you my friends, and expect to meet a great many of you in the future. If you don't have a community living under you by then, your always welcome in mine.

Adapt and Overcome, The Precepts of Life


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  2. Again, it's just a good shot. With a proper drop in elevation and a barrier, you could possibly survive. If I can give a possibility to life to those unlucky few, then my mission is a success. Lol, but I think we all know thats all you can hope for at that point. Is a fucking nuke. ;)


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    dude, in your next post, can you include survival tips about surviving in the wild with no modern supply. i love watching man vs wild but somehow i find it lacking. especially on foods. i don't wanna eat worms! lol

  6. Naj, I would LOVE to. Now thats an area I can say I am heavily trained for, and its why its getting it's own section. I'll help you with foods, natural spices, medicines and poultices, shelters and traps... Oh, I'm going to go off on the wilderness section ;)


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  10. Of course, stay away form power plants, credit agency centers, and military bases. Major map cities like NYC, Chicago, Hollywood, all likely drop points. The map above is a good guide for possible drop zones and the next 2 months of fallout. Love the feedback BlueRad ;)


  11. Y'know it's funny, my roomies are survivalist types and are preparing for 2012 and all that nonsense that I don't believe in - but it's so damn fun to discuss and think about that I just go along with it. Likewise as I read your blog, Kane. I expect proletarian revolution long before cataclysmic disaster, but it's always, always good to be prepared for anything.

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