Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little Different

Alright mates, you voted to hear a little more about my life... I'm all for it, you creepy bastards. But I'm gonna go a whole different route for this update. I'm with my brother tonight and we're watching Battlestar Galactica. I have a weekend, and I have smoked. With all that in mind my friends, I give you the choicer bits of our thoughts and observations of this stellar show.

This show has classic steady cam shots, where he doesn't have epilepsy.

We just watched a blonde chick snap an infants neck in the first ten minutes of the show. It was very powerful, and tastefully done. My brother finally breaks the minute long silence with "SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!"

I often forget that other people don't view the human race as programmed, self-aware probes of existence itself. It makes for awkward jokes, at best.

(to the background music) Yes... Play me like a drum.

To be fair, we were more in awe by this mini series that headed the first season. The show is really breathtaking. My proletariate warriors out there might enjoy the social backtones throughout the whole movie-like series. I felt as if I were watching the birth of humanity, when the first person stood up and said "I know the right answer." And thus they followed. There was a scene in the first mini-series, where the earth and the colonies explode due to some terrible terrorist bombing with nukes. Robot Terrorists. It's much classier in the show. So humanity just got blown away, and we have Battlestar Galactica left, one of the old battleships that have archaic wiring jobs so you cant network hack... or some such  explanation. The board of education director stands up and starts telling people to do various tasks to help out. One guy stands up and says "Who put you in charge?" "Well.. I'm on the senate board" Or whatever she said along those similar lines. And the she berated him, by telling him to do something, and stop being so selfish. He sits down, the peer pressure making him uneasy. Is he panicking? And just like that, humanity had a god, a government. A top 2% telling the rest who to fight, who should die in the airlocks, who is or isn't worth their time or better living conditions.

Shits deep, man.


  1. Big Daddy Kane! Nice to see you've returned. I was wondering where you had wandered off to. Glad you're enjoying yourself. I've tried watching Battlestar Galactica but its not my thing. Or maybe I just wasn't in the right mood...Anyways hope to see more posts from you soon!

  2. Top 2% calling the shots? It appears some things don't change, even in science fiction.

    It turns out Kane was not watching Battlestar Galactica at all, it was C-SPAN.

  3. Your take, somehow, sounds much more interesting than what I heard from other people.


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