Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shattered Sands, a Prelude

So, I've been working on a little novelette... Which, if I had my way, would be a massive chronicle depicting all of mankind as I see it. It plays out in an epic tale of the future, as most of my social commentary seems to. I thought I'd throw a little snippet from what I've gotten, an introduction. If you guys like it, I could even put my hands to work at getting more content... Big hands, ladies. I've been experimenting alot, but rest assured, there will always be plenty of variety in my way of showing love to my followers.

Chapter 18

The night air burned at the cloaked one’s eyes, drawing tears to cloud his vision of the dimly lit room. The soft red glow from outside casting jumping shadows across the richly decorated study room. Shifting, azure beads articulately scanning the room, glow softly beneath the low pulled hood. Taking in every detail to memory, making note of the pre-renaissance gothic architecture, the ancient Byzantine tapestries clinging to the imported oak wall carvings. With a shrug, he continues scanning until his starlight oculars settle upon what he came here for. Sitting on the post-information age desk, complete with archaic clock, sat a small chest whose make outdated any of this rooms’ historical artifacts. With the hint of a grin upon his thin lips, he reached forth with agile fingertips with the delicacy of a feather's fall. Tracing the designs etched and burned like memories into the surface of the relics past and present. "At last..."
A breeze settles tiny ashflakes down at the dark one's boots, sirring the pages of an opened tome sat on the desk wth it's face bound tight in flesh and metal wrappings, hard and dark with the years. Those piercing blue eyes shifting down to the rustle, slipping the box beneath his cloak. "One more piece couldn't hurt..." His boots pivoting sharply on the chilled marble floor, kicking up a whirlwind of soft gray ash. The only sound marking his swift exit onto the terrances outside is the forced escape of air through pistons as he leaps into the burning midnight. Outside the air splits wide with the crack of flames, and the shrill sirens of man-kinds ingenuity at work. A city that would burn for a box, in a world that never knew sleep.

1 Carved box from TechTerra stolen by Aetonine (809-515-766-9918-1473)
2 The VeriVichi, tome bound with hunter skin, edged with metal at corners and locked with a large metal clasp. Stolen by Aetonine on TechTerra.

TechTerra is a land of 'the future' a grim reminder of the human's work progressing until they forget why they progress, or in which direction. No identities, only numbers. Aetonine is his secret joke at the serial number he was implanted at his creation. TechTerra is home of the Council, who has 'liberated' many of the hundreds of planets mankind has populated so long ago. Many remain un-discovered, with the humans living out completely unaware they have brethern on other planets. If one wants to beleive all humans will make their downfall in under a millenia from now, then my world will have great spore ships. and they will colonize planets far and wide. You will see no earth, no true earth at least. Only the drifting sands of it's deserted surface. In my world mankind on earth has died as expected, its people forgetting about the colonies it sent far and wide across the universe. Some scientific pods, some miitary, some farming communities, all sent to give hope to a new beginning from the twilight of the humans.. But i set this world an undefined distance in the future, with evolution and adaption coming into play heavily. the word Human meaning only descendant of the Homo Sapien, the Thinking Man that gave them all life. We have now only the Homo Adaptus, the Homo Magi, the Homo Judicus, and countless other offspring of the once 'great' civilization. Perhaps this is my joke. How can one be so powerful, that they cannot understand their own creations? How does that make us super intelligent beings. I say it makes us children with guns, I say we forget about our past lives as hunters. And so i make a world shading our exact culture, on a universal scale. Worlds forgetting their days as budding hunters finding gunpowder, finding petrol and antimatter. Perhaps my favorite irony and personal message in this creation of worlds, this little novella to which I am the God and it is my people. Is how even the great Alexander and his magnificient statue dedicating his memories forever, is lost in a sea and lost in time. Now it is my sea that will wash our history, forgetting the past in all but trinkets and slips of memories. It is my world, your world, this world of 'the future' that we find something we may find scary to relate to. Or perhaps it is exciting, but to all, it is my gift, humbly so, to urge you.. no, to allow you to think.

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  1. Who are you?

    -You didn't even vote.

  2. is there more to the story?

    btw, check out my new post on Enhanced by MS Paint :)

  3. There is much more to this story, my friend. My goal is to have a few ongoing chapters. The Fortress Files, Improvised Weapons, Lockpicking, all part of the Wasteland Chronicles. My info story. And the Shattered Sands, an actual chronicle with a proper overdose of information packed in such a way that you don't even notice you learned how to irrigate a desert environment.

    That's, you know... The goal.

  4. Died as expected? Learning through story telling?
    Are you secretly training us?

    This seems rather interesting. I hope to make it on a Spore ship in some incarnation of my life.

  5. Pretty interesting, I voted Kane's choice since i'm interested personally in philosophic matters.

  6. My favorite line, "A city that would burn for a box, in a world that never knew sleep." For whatever reason as soon as I read that line I instantly had a picture of the landscape and the following paragraph made it very vivid and real to me. I have already created visions of what the various offspring look like, how they move about the desolate horizon. I could really get into this, hope to see more of it soon! As always, excellent post Janus!


  7. I'm really enjoying all of this. It feels like everything is evolving right in front of my eyes, day by day, blink by blink. You helped me escape my reality for a few minutes. I have to thank you for that.

  8. I really enjoyed this, so I'm following you. Keep up the good work and I'll be checking back to see how the story progresses.


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