Monday, October 25, 2010

The March of Kane, a Rally to Restore Sanity

My brothers, I was excited for the first time in a couple of years.

John Stewart announced that he's holding a Rally to Restore Sanity. A march on D.C. to make all aware of the rich old men with rich old money calling the shots outside of our government. I for one, couldn't be more excited.  This is the exact kind of movement I've wanted to organize, and my once polar-opposite, John Stewart, ended up doing it for me. What a stellar chap.

Mates, I'll make this brief to maximize readers. Its being held on Saturday, if you dont want a hotel, ill be driving there with my girl. You are MORE THAN WELCOME to meet up with the Godfather himself. And by welcome, I mean it'd be a damn honor to meet some of you, my friends and comrades. Get a suit, get a facemask, its the only DC rally you can wear a face mask on, because its Halloween.  Get motivated! Get a fucking clue and google "Rothschild" already, they aren't even good at covering up their greedy little mistakes. (greedy being a very gentle word in this case)

If anybody DOES want to meet up with myself, leave a comment, this event is HUGE my friends, our generation's Woodstock they are saying. There are already satellites across the world, independently hosted. If you could get a plane ticket, I would suggest it. I would suggest not missing this under any circumstances, but that's just me. I demanded off from work, they were very surprised. And with the facemasks, we can meet up in person, without the whole real life nonesense affecting our anonymous selves.

Keep the peace mates,

tl;dr ...
Meetup in DC, Rally Against Old Money, Fight for the Proletariat!\
Comment if your interested, cry in shame if you aren't.


  1. Damnit. I would absolutely love to go. And I would love even more to meet Daddy Kane in person. Come pick me up in Texas. I'll buy you some duct tape and a beer.

  2. Ha! Meet internet people? Are you mad? You already have alcohol and duct tape. Jesus.

    Our generations's Woodstock? I don't believe the hype, but we'll see.

  3. That sounds pretty damn fun, but I'm pretty much on the other side of the country here. Hope you have fun and get things accomplished if you go, though!

  4. wont be able to make that one brother, but by all means, fight the power!

  5. hmm interesting post man but update thnx

  6. Hmm I'm no where near there, but sounds like it could be a fun time nevertheless!

  7. One of the few bloggers I wish I'd have the honor of meeting. Unfortunately, being a cash-stricken University student prevents me from joining you.

    I expect a full report from you after this is done.

  8. man i wish i could g to that... alas im in california

  9. alas my friends, I shall rally alone. I will report to all of you on how it went. RL is chaotic beyond even my descriptive powers, I apologize for my breaks in updates. I'll make up for it in spades coming soon. Oh, and if anybody reads this...

    Last night, at work, I kicked a deer in the face. It charged me from the bushes, I dived behind a ramp railing, which it slammed twice in an attempt to gore me, before i kicked it in the face.

    Thought somebody would enjoy that.

  10. hope to have u back soon man, miss your content and character!

  11. Of Pericles, to rage the city turn, Following!


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