Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Google Rothschild

Go ahead, see what the top 5 links are.

Recently, I saw a movie by the name of Zeitgeist. For the record, it's a terribly produced film with terribly sound effects and choices of 15 minute long strobe effect sound shows. It was not, in any good way, a movie. With that being said, the information in the 'movie' sent my mind racing. Alot of the stuff I already knew, or heard of, or even studied intently. But the family name tied to the various failed cover ups we always hear about in the news, Rothschild... This was all new to me. So I studied, and searched, and made my own ties and connections trying so very hard not to get sucked into the conspiracy theorist stereotype. I'm pretty sure I failed at some points, but I feel I maintained a level of neutrality through the mind surfing event.

Google WTC Support Beams
Google Rothschild Central Banking for an especially scary look at the most commonly known pages about this family's business empire.
In fact... Replace Central Banking with any of these following substitutes in Google.

All of these so far were my favorite, but to be fair, you can also try listing any mass media company as well. In the Amero section, they mention 'many of you have heard of the Amero...'. I bet not one of you has, admit it. Countries sent my heart sinking pretty deep. I've heard alot of people ask why a war would be staged... There that is.

A buzz word is a word that politicians, lawyers, lobbyists etc... use often as a tactic to sway others against something, and therefore siding with him/herself. Right Wing. Activist. Nut. Conspiracy Theorist. Bleeding Heart. Zealot. All these send immediate signals to most of our brains that the word used, in that language and setting, marks the other person's opinions as less valuable. Whether we like it or not, we are slaves to the way our brain processes information. The only true weapon against such subversive tactics being of course, knowledge. Knowledge is power.

So basically, the gist of all these Conspiracy Theorist websites, blogs, youtube videos, suicide notes, etc... is a  German Jewish family created this 'financial dynasty' way back in the 1700s. When banks ran sorta like mafia families, and thus towns were run like you voted the Godfather into office. But the worlds a big place, and they spread out. Competition arises and falls, and they spread and grow like any good capitalist would out there. They hooked up with hitler and mastered the art of rhetoric, pretty fascinating stuff if you look for it.  The war went to shit, but the dynasty now had another area under its financial grasp. A few areas, apparently, what with the conquering and all. So the world evolves, and mass media is born. Peoples opinions can now be sorted by popularity, and the secrets of the brain are slowly unlocked.

Go ahead and wiki how the subconscious brain and the conscious brain interact, it'll unlock so much in your life if you actually know how -you- work. Write that down.

So now were in america, and the great depression happens, and people sell all their shares and money in panic for fifty cents on the dollar. I dare you to google who took in alot of that. I'll even give you a minute. - mass media really takes over, and personalities begin to take shape of popular media icons. Fads don't change, they keep moving. Now we own somebody else's clothing, that hes never seen. We make the same jokes, across the nation, and internationally. Whether you like it or not, the media has shaped us since childhood, even if by proxy. And the people who pay for all of that, the people we pay to use their money to pay them with for earning money... Rothschild. They literally own the money and corporations of the majority of the world, and two more were just added to their list after the Iraq war.

So... This upsets me. Not only is a family slowly buying our world from us, and telling us what to think with people we'll never meet on tv, who do nothing but lie for a living (no offense actors, you use it for love... like a poet, or storyteller) We listen about problems that dont exist in their thought up lives, and we actually find ourselves expecting situations to turn out like that. Not only all of that... But its the most well known thing about their family. Their buying the president office, and starting wars, and toppling governments left and right with only 5 left to go... Those are their most well known traits on Google. And I find google search to be a fascinating view on what people are thinking about enough to search for.

This upsets me because despite everybody knowing this sort of tomfoolery on their part, and i use that term sternly, nobody indites, punishes, or move to halt it's advance. It in fact, has consumed my inner most thoughts for some time now. I wanted to shake people awake, start guerilla marketing cells across the nation getting this knowledge out there... Despite it already being known. I wanted to stand on the Hollywood hills with a sword raised to the sky, and lead my good, intelligent people to a fantastical adventure that would eventually culminate in victory, and shortly after cake.

But, as you can guess, there was no cake. I hear alot of talk of taking over the world and all. And mind you, it does seem to be heading that way. But this all relies on us accepting their rule and money. People as I know them wouldn't let another tyrant rule and control us, they'd have to allow for us to demand for change to happen. So even if we do end up being owned, as most of you probably are depending on the country, we'd still get a government were we have a say. Though their rather free use of mass violence, conspiracies, brianwashing, and the like sort of concerned me. Yes, so I went just a step further. I went ahead and did my research on the human brain, and it was beginning to look bad... Here's an example.

5 monkeys are placed in a cage. On the ceiling is a banana on a stirng, in the center. Below it is a step ladder. Eventually, one of the smarter monkeys gets on the ladder and goes for the banana. But instead of the much desired potassium boost, it activates instead hard jets of almost-freezing water on every OTHER monkey. And then he gets the banana. But when they venture to do it again, all of the monkeys jump on the adventuring monkey... and beat him like anything-goes whore. Well, they take a monkey out, and replace it with a 'new' monkey. This monkey inevitably wants the banana, in fact, they all wanted the banana. Its what monkeys fucking want. But only this new guy doesn't know any better, and decides to just take it. Well, they all beat him down, including the one who was just beaten. He apparently beats harder, and laughs alot. They all start to treat this as a game as more monkeys are taken out, until no monkeys are left who were around for the water spraying.

The beat and laugh at a monkey for wanting the banana, because thats how shit has always been.

But I digress... This whole thing made me think alot. I know, with what I've seen, people won't make anyhting easy, and it's looked like people would own the world before. The other billions of people simply don't like it.  But with knowing how we work, and how much -I've- been shaped by media now that im noticing it, im just not sure we can afford to play this waiting game for much longer. We're losing the minds of our soldiers with radio songs everybody just has to know, to the gucci handbag thats simply too good to not drop a thousand bucks to hold your lipstick effectively. Were losing our comrades in africa to gold and diamonds and rubber and ivory. Were losing our brothers, and sister to this just... silly debate about religion, over whose invisible friend is more believable. I'm sure the nomads had a much better understanding of the universe, I'm sure we know is a tiny portion of what we don't know. And that small of a difference doesn't deserve splitting people up in bitter disagreement.

And thats our weapon, mates. We continue to be the kind of people that would help somebody just because your nearby. The kind of people who don't push people down to be higher, but rather lifts them up, so they might rise together. One race, one beautiful, growing race of people. Discovering more and more about our tiny mote of dust we live on, and the ray of light it floats in. The kind of people that you might like to be around.

So learn, evolve, fight the power with your mind, and the power to inspire others. Rise up and revolt against boundaries, rebel against fashions, oppose the importance of material possessions, become what analysts hate the most... A free thinker.

Good day my friends, if you made it this far please leave some of your own thoughts and ideas. Spread the knowledge, we have a wealth of it these days.

Long Live the Revolution, Mates.


  1. I'm liking this blog more and more each day.

  2. Long read, but definitely worth it.

  3. aww Zeitgeist never have seen it. A lot of my friends have watched it though. I can't really say I trust a lot of information that is in the film though. (e.g. conspiracies EVERYWHERE) I seriously doubt 9/11 was a conspiracy.

  4. I seriously doubt alot of unbelievable things... Though if I ever want to cover something up, I often use misdirection. The idea, when you look at it, just doesn't seem far fetched for a corporation/family with that much power. But the thing that gets me, as alot of it is still sketchy and confusing what with misinformation from both 'sides'. But im a clear thinking guy... MY problem with this isn't that it's happening, its how easily we choose not to notice the world around us...

    And thats what this blog is about. Recognize whats above you, and recognize the same tools can be used by you to spread your ideas. We all have this power, and thats a beautiful and inspiring thing.

    To bring down the Master's Mansion, you must use the Master's Tools... The revolution need not be violent, it need only be popular.

  5. Hmmm he has some valid points but I'm not really convinced

  6. Zeitgeist really makes you think. I enjoyed it.

  7. Insatiable greed - thats the problem.
    Rotschild is just a label.. there are thousands of it.. all with the same mentality..
    I dont think it makes sense to fight against them. It only makes sense to fight for something.

  8. My thoughts exactly, lolo... I'm pretty sure that point is lost within the chapter i wrote up there. But the Rothschilds are a dynasty that spans all but 5 countries... Its not something you can target. Just keep learning, and keep sharing. Thats our weapon

  9. Great blog, man!

    Hope you`ll check out mine as well.

  10. very informational post. ive been really meaning to watch zeitgeist

  11. It's crazy how much power one family can have, to shape societies and destroy them. And what can we do about it? A revolution? Nah, that wont stop them. They just keep getting more and more power and nobody does anything about it. American soldiers think they fight for freedom without realizing they are enslaved.

    The Rothschilds disgusts me, but at the same time I have the utmost respect for them considering how easy they make it look to have such control over the world.

  12. I feel the same way, iphone, almost word for word, and I've been a soldier. I'm not here to burn down buildings you know... Just wake some people up. Give them a fighting chance at least. I know, in light of all this, I have ten times as much drive to push forward. With this generation of the internet and handheld video conferences and blogger nations, we actually have a weapon to fight with. An a non-violent one... I feel that's important. We're fighting our own people and all.

  13. Great read very interesting blog. Please keep them coming.

  14. When you said, "Oh, and the linkbucks link on the left is very large and in charge. Just a heads up."

    Were you saying the Linkbucks is on my page when you view it? I am pretty sure i disabled it already :/

    If you were saying that I should get it, I disagree, I find Iframe ads to be very annoying.


  15. Heh, I was saying theres a huge linkbucks ad running down the left panel of your blog. And same here, I dislike throwing it in my viewers faces.



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